About WoodaWorks

My name is Carson Lee and I'm from Greenville NC. I’m 22 years old and I’ve always had an interest in woodworking since high school construction classes. November 2019 is when I became interested in woodworking and making products for people to enjoy. My business WoodaWorks started because I was cutting down a vast number of trees along a fence line at the Greenville Auto Auction. I thought to myself “surely something useful could be done with all of this natural wood”. That is when I started getting into making wood coasters and WoodaWorks has been expanding ever since with various products! WoodaWorks specializes in handcrafted household necessities and amenities. The product selection begins with charcuterie boards, cutting boards, epoxy tables, coasters, and candleholders. Personalized items can be designed to preference upon request! Message for more information or any other questions!