Additional Information & Raw Materials

This page is designed to give viewers a more accurate understanding of the production process and the raw materials used to create a finished product. WoodaWorks understands that new products can be misleading or cause confusion, so this page will be updated regularly to make sure all customers are properly informed.  Only quality materials go into making WoodaWorks finished products to ensure customer satisfaction and the highest safety standards. The raw materials used are premium plant based oil, hand selected premium dry wood, and commercial grade SUPERCLEAR epoxy.

Raw Materials

Walrus oil is 100% FDA compliant/food safe and designed for food contact surfaces. It also has four simple ingredients which are coconut oil, beeswax, mineral oil, and vitamin E. The product has virtually no scent and will not contaminate food or create a strange taste. It will leave your board with a silky smooth finish, rich color and a nice shine. Not to mention Walrus oil is also made in the USA!


WoodaWorks wood is hand selected from only reliable sources to ensure the quality of the final product. Most of the wood comes from a wood distributor located around Winston Salem, NC. The wood is all kiln dried to prevent warping after completing a project. The kiln prevents against harmful wood pests. All other wood that is locally sourced is air dried in the WoodaWorks workshop. 

All epoxy used in charcuterie boards is from SUPERCLEAR Epoxy Resin Systems. SUPERCLEAR is a highly trusted end-to-end manufacturer of epoxy resins. They have been in business for over 40 years and are located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. SUPERCLEAR conducts extensive laboratory testing to create cutting edge formulations and deliver innovative premium resin solutions for high quality products. The epoxy is 100% VOC free and odorless.