Informational Care & Instructions

Charcuterie/Cutting Boards 


Clean: slightly moisten soft sponge and apply dish soap, wash in gentle

circular motions. Or use a stiff cleaning brush or sponge and soap to scour the

wood to help loosen any stubborn food debris. *Only clean with cold or

lukewarm water.



Disinfect: 2:1 water & vinegar; apply small amount of mixture for a few minutes

and wipe with moistened clean sponge. 

 Dry: dry well with dry cloth and leave out to air dry completely; optimal





*You want the wood to absorb as little water as possible to avoid cracking or

warping. These boards are not dishwasher safe and should not be submerged

in water.


Optional Maintenance: For deep cuts in the wood portions use an orbital

sander to bring the surface back to its original state. If an orbital sander is not

available, hand sanding will also work. Wipe off excess dust from sanding.




Maintenance: once dried completely, apply a thin layer of food-grade mineral

oil with a soft cloth or brush, let the oil soak in for a few hours to

overnight. *For additional shine and water resistance, apply a thin layer of

wood wax after the mineral oil has dried.  Rub off any excess before using.